About us

We are specializing in the undertaking and management of projects in the fields of Cultural Informatics & Digitization, and Dissemination & Awareness, either independently or with the participation in groups through strategic partnerships. The company is headquartered in Patras, Greece, where it was founded in 1989. Nowadays it is housed in owned facilities in Kastellokampos in Rio Patras.

During the 27 years of its existence it has created a strong infrastructure, gained expertise, and undertook and completed significant projects of both public and private sectors, offering services which fall into the following categories:

  • Informatics & digitization services.
  • Publications and publications editing.
  • Large buildings and hospitals signage systems design.
  • Organization of environmental information centers.
  • Publicity projects of public and private communities.

It was nominated for the Greek design awards in the field of publication design, for two consecutive years.


Our company invests in new and qualified manpower. All of the executives are graduates of universities, some of them holding post-graduate degrees. The staff is in continuing education and updating participating in conferences in Greece and abroad.

Chief Executive of the company is Mr. Spiros Agorgianitis, Chemical Engineer, an experienced project manager with 25 years’ experience in high fidelity digitization. As an imaging expert, he has developed methodology and procedures of color managed workflows for art projects publications. He has digitized prototypes for major clients of private and public sector during projects which Realiscape Typorama has undertaken. As a book designer (and publisher himself) he had the responsibility of production and promotion of over 200 publications, mainly color critical coffee-table books.

He has addressed several speeches and seminars about entrepreneurship and design in universities and technological institutes, but also in Greece's Union of Graphic Artists. His work has been featured in the major design magazine "+Design".

Contact Information

Panachaidos Athinas 17,
Kastellokampos, GR 26442 Patras - Greece
Tel.: [+30] 2610 993460 - Fax: [+30] 2610 993478
E-mail: info(at)typorama.gr