Audio Digitization

Media ages as it is handled and used, and the recorded signal is at risk of damage, physical degradation, and irrecoverable loss. For these reasons, it is critical that rare and unique sound recordings are reformatted to digital files in order that they can be readily used both now and into the future.

Of course the quality of digitization is critical to render properly the information held to the medium. Every sound is full of harmonics and stock, consumer-grade equipment fails to accurately replicate the waveforms, especially those in wide audio spectrum media such as vinyl LPs.

Realiscape Typorama has the capacity to clean, and digitally reformat a wide variety of original sound recording formats:

  • Vinyl LP (33 & 45 rpm)
  • Audiocassette
  • Digital Audio Tape (DAT)
  • Compact Disc (CD)

Vinyl LPs are thoroughly cleaned using Okki Nokki record cleaner machine, using double distilled laboratory-grade water and special formulated record cleaning fluid, assuring total elimination of dust and residues even in the innerness of the record groove, allowing the needle to trace it more accurately.  This results in much cleaner sound from scratches and clicks and much wider sonic response.

Furthermore, in order to accurately feed the analog stream for digitization, reproduction equipment includes ―among others― audiophile quality gear such as the infamous Linn Sondek LP12 transcription turntable with external Linn Lingo PSU, and Symphonic Line phono preamplifiers.

Realiscape Typorama can export files in any audio format, mono or stereo, lossless or lossy at 24 bit/96 kHz sampling rates, depending of intended client use.