Interactive Walls and Exhibitions

At the heart of interactivity is reciprocity of action, where a visitor acts on the exhibit and the exhibit reacts in some way. In interactive exhibits visitors can conduct activities, gather evidence, select options, form conclusions, test skills, provide input, and actually alter a situation based on input.

Research on visitor learning in museums suggests that interactivity promotes engagement, understanding and recall of exhibits and their content. And that’s because experiences are challenging or supporting a learner’s previous understanding and they encourage learners either to assimilate new knowledge into their existing conceptual structure or to accommodate new, conflicting ideas by restructuring their previous understanding.

Realiscape Typorama creates and develops interactive exhibitions based on large projections of dynamically updated content, using linear and non-linear storytelling methodologies. These sensors based, “touch sensitive” walls react on people’s movements and gestures presenting in a media rich, aesthetically pleasing environment, custom on-demand designed exhibitions either by ours or our client’s staff.

Sample projects using this service

Interactive surface development for Helmos – Vouraikos Governing Body