Metadata and documentation services

Metadata provides standardized structured information about an item and its relevance so that it can easily be found when needed. It is part of broader contextual information that accompanies data to ensure it can be found and understood over time.

Metadata is a significant and developing area with specific descriptive standards such as, the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DC), the Europeana Data Model (EDM), Metadata Object Description Schema, used to enable sharing, access, interpretation and re-use of data.

Realiscape Typorama creates user-friendly, shareable Metadata with long-lasting usability to ensure they can be understood and interpreted by any user. It implements clear data description, annotation, contextual information and documentation.

It documents not only in the most adopted in Europe cultural metadata schemes (Dublin Core and EAD), but also in a magnitude of different standard and custom formats using own-built multiuser tools. This allows its team of professional librarians and archivists to describe and tag files with all the associated information, in close collaboration with their owners.