3d Object Photogrammetric Scanning

Over recent years 3D scanning has become part of a coherent and non-contact approach to the documentation of cultural heritage and its long term preservation. 3D recordings of sites, monuments and artifacts allow us to monitor, study, disseminate and understand our shared cultural history.

Although many technologies are used for capturing 3D data, photogrammetry is the one that balances best resolution, quality, post-processing need and –mainly– speed for Internet, interactive museum display and gaming use.

Photogrammetry is the science of making precise measurements from photographs. The output produced from photogrammetry can be, among other things, 3D models of real subjects, including people and animals. The digital 3D image of the subject is achieved using hundreds of photos taken from different angles. The geometry, or the form, of the subject is then calculated separately in specialized software.

Realiscape Typorama creates accurate 3D photogrammetric representations of cultural artifacts using high resolution photographic equipment. With the extensive scientific know-how of specialized partners and 3D artists it is able to provide high quality objects with varying resolutions to fit every intended use, even in tight time schedules.

Sample projects using this service

Exhibits’ Promotion through Interactive Electronic Applications and Services for the War Museum

Suitable equipment
Nikon D800 Camera
Supporting Equipment