Digitization and Photography

Digitization has been the prominent trend for the past ten years, and it keeps growing world-wide. And that’s because of the many advantages it provides in terms of preservation, ease of delivery, speed, storage requirements etc. comparing to its “analog” physical representation. Old digitized content can fit into every use: from banks to museums, and from education to hospitals.

This broad use of digital content and the variety of source formats and materials has led to two main digitization applications: Document digitization, and cultural digitization.

Realiscape Typorama is able to provide vertical services covering any possible original. We constantly acquire image, audio and video equipment, focusing on mass digitization of prototypes of any kind: 35mm slides and negatives, transparencies up to A3, APS negatives, photographic prints, maps and large format prints, books and loose documents, objects of any size, audio and video tapes.

We are equipped with the most sophisticated professional digitization technology, maintained and serviced by authorized technicians, updated and refurbished in the factory up to current specs with the utmost care. We are equipped with systems by Hasselblad, Creo, Nikon, Kodak, Kirtas, i2s digibook, Fujitsu and Apple among others. We are certified with ISO 9001:2008 for all of our activities, with the digitization service being among them.

Today, Realiscape Typorama has a large digitization capacity of about (per 8-hour shift):

  • 2000 slides or negatives.
  • 20,000 pages of bound material.
  • 30,000 pages of loose (unbound documents).
  • Photography of 540 objects of any size (using our 3 photographic studios simultaneously) in two shots, resulting in 1080 images.
  • 50 objects for VR imaging in 60 shots per revolution.

We provide our services either in our own digitization facilities or in client’s site, regarding the quantity and volume of the archive, its physical condition, its vulnerability or any danger that will arise upon its movement in order to get digitized.

Before the initialization of any job, Realiscape Typorama uses its professional preservers (one for paper, photographic material and paintwork respectively), to fully exploit the potential threats that the project will carry and briefs the imaging technicians accordingly. It can also consult the client about the cleaning procedures that needed to be taken in order to maximize the imaging quality.