Selected Projects

The project aimed at the digitization of very old and rare books and journals that dated prior to 1920. Asides the digitization, the project required cataloging and online availability through the Library's and Information Service (LIS) repository for Greek magazines and newspapers, calendars and rare books, and books of particular research and scientific value, in Greek and foreign languages.

The project concerned the digitization, cataloging and subject indexing of at least 40,492 digital objects with at least 346,000 pages. Simultaneously with the digitization, the documentation of digital objects took place in international metadata standards (Dublin Core qualified, or MODS).

The purpose of the project was the digitization of the TAP publications and the development of an appropriate IT infrastructure for their management and disposal. Contractor of the project was Modus S.A. for which our company was a subcontractor.

Objectives of the project was to complete the infrastructure that exists in the Greek Army’s History Directorate (AHD) with the supply of equipment and software, the complete digitization of historic archive referred to war periods of Greek Nation from 1897 until today, the creation of information portal and the production of multimedia publications that refer to two thematic frameworks of modern

War Museum’s mission is to collect, preserve and present Hellas’ war relics, to document and study of military history and to manifest the nation’s struggles from antiquity to the present, in order to stimulate National Memory and promote the historical continuity and unity of Hellenism.

The object of the project was to create a modern institutional repository that meets the needs of HOU, the creation of a metasearch engine, the digitization of the HOU material and the creation of the template of an electronic magazine, in order to promote the academic work of the members of HOU.

The project aimed to address expressed needs of the Greek business community, composed overwhelmingly of small enterprises, in the following directions: Effective services for member businesses, competitiveness increase at national and international level, employment support and mechanisms’ establishment for accurate and up-to-date elements of entrepreneurship evolution preservation.

The main objective of the project was the creation of a modern institutional repository that met the needs of the IHU. The need for enrichment of existing services and the university’s library material was compelling with priority to ensure access for all citizens to innovative digital services. Specifically, the need for access to scientific / research material produced by the IHU e.g.