Audio Books

Audiobook has been a substitute to reading for years now. It provides almost the same experience adjusted to the fast-paced today. Furthermore, audiobooks can cover specific groups of people for different reasons for each one: For people with printing disabilities, audiobooks facilitate learning independence; for students learning a second language, audio delivery of content has long been an instructional practice and for learning adolescents, audiobooks facilitate comprehension of narrative literature.

Realiscape Typorama provides mass audiobook creation using high quality synthetic voices in many languages including Greek. In this way, a large number of titles can be distributed to public in very short time, allowing large texts that otherwise wouldn't been available to become accessible. This technology is not aimed for literature or other uses that pronunciation and voice coloring are critical but for (mainly administrative and educational) publications with shorter lifespan, which a narration with a flat, clear voice can fully transfer the information to the audience.

This service combined with book scanning or document scanning and OCR can provide a bottom-up solution for mass distribution of only available ―till today― printed matter. Also, the produced audio files can be used as an extra media layer to e-books enchancing them with multimedia capabilities.