Image Processing and Editing

The current (but also the past) practice at nearly all institutions that deal with image archival includes visual editing of captured images ―scanned or digital photographed―that aims to restore and represent the original item’s qualities.

This need for corrections arose since the very beginning of photography, where their application was approached differently from today's digital workflows, but the basic tenets are the same. An imaging professional or a photographer still needs to compensate for any lighting irregularities, and he still needs to properly adjust exposure and process an image to result in a well-balanced output.

Realiscape Typorama pays special attention to every step of image capture in order to introduce as less as possible unwanted variations to the imaging chain. For this reason it follows a specialized color managed workflow by using a series of instruments for objective and subjective evaluations such as color targets, spectrophotometers and Fogra certified color proofing devices.

Nevertheless, its team of professional image editors uses a series of techniques for image correction like parametric image editing, capture irregularities correction, color correction, light and exposure correction and sharpening. It also locally applies touchup for dust & particles removal and scratch removal but always in respect to the original’s properties.