e-Books Design and Development

There is too much talk nowdays about e-books, a technology that began in the early nineties and is now mature enough to claim a significant part of the publication sales.

The e-books are "digital representations" of their corresponding "paper" versions that can be read in a variety of devices (PCs, PDAs, mobile phones and of course specialized reading devices).

E-books are of great interest to readers because they are usually cheaper to purchase, immediate to obtain, always in stock, easy to order without shipping costs, can be stored by hundreds in the same device, can be viewed anywere without Internet connection and at any conditions (even on absolute darkness). They can also contain links to other pages, endnotes, websites, animations, video or sound and the user can add notes & bookmarks and change the size of the text, color or contrast.

Also they are greatley interested by publishers because they increase demand for their titles worldwide, they don’t have any cost of printing and storing either for the first run or the following ones, they can be revised and republished immediately even for low demand out-of-stock-titles and they can accumulate earnings by individual on-line sales without the bookstore intervention.

Now that e-books are here to stay, Realiscape Typorama offers full electronic publishing solutions mainly in the world-leading ePub format but also in a broad range of other formats. The produced ePubs are fully compliant ePub 3, reflowable or fixed-layout with the ability to contain rich media and audio layers with physical or synthesized voices.