Accesible Material - Daisy Books

DAISY (the Digital Accessible Information System) is the emerging world standard for digital talking books for people who are blind or have a print disability. DAISY attempts to give the talking book reader the same flexibility that readers of standard print enjoy: navigation by chapter, section, subsection, and page. Readers can read or skip footnotes, sidebars, or information added specifically for users of the audio version.

There are two types of DAISY books that differ in the embedding of audio narration in them. Text-only DAISY books have no audio recording but provide the text of the book itself. Their chief advantage is their very small file size as compared to books with audio files. The disadvantage is that these books require a text-to-speech system in the playback device. But the best in DAISY books is found in the full-text, full-audio DAISY book. In this kind of book both the text and the audio are present and can be synchronized so the reader can listen to human or computer generated narration recordings or hear their own text-to-speech voice at will in case they are more accustomed to it.

Realiscape Typorama can provide both types of DAISY books, using high quality synthesized voices in many languages including Greek. Its specialization stands on fully annotated, scientific books with extensive use of mathematics, diagrams and tables.