Document Scanning

Document digitization involves the scanning of “everyday paperwork”: economic, tax, and law documents, contracts, bank transaction receipts etc. that usually reside in large binders in closets, making access, finding and indexing almost impossible and raising serious security and conservation questions.

For years now, the answer to the problem is specialized document scanning. This kind of digitization is carried out by large high-speed scanners, and also by book scanners when there is a need for bound material scan. Further post-processing usually involves OCR (optical character recognition) and metadata enrichment in order to gracefully integrate the assets in document management, ERP and Business Intelligence Systems allowing search (even full-text), taxonomy and distribution of the information. All these assets are available to their users (usually inside a LAN or a VPN) through the forementioned systems that vary in complexity and implementation effort according to each use.

Realiscape Typorama can provide a total solution to any document scanning situation, using a tailor-made to the client’s demand workflow: from extracting the documents from their folders, de-stapling, scanning, re-stapling and return to the original folders. The digital documents can be at any kind and format: single page or multipage, PDF, PDF/A, JPG, TIFF or any other file type a client’s system supports. Realiscape Typorama owns three high speed, double-side, color document scanners from Fujitsu and Kodak that can produce 20,000 images per 8-hour shift. It also provides OCR and documentation services, as described in the related pages.