Electronic Publications Service (epub@teiath) for the Technological Educational Institute of Athens

The object of the project was the complete overhaul of the electronic scientific publishing activity of the Athens Technological Institute by introducing innovative services at the disposal of the Foundation’s Academic Community (teachers, researchers and students).

Upon completion of the project, a complete electronic publishing services grid (e-publishing) was provided to members of the academic community of the Technological Institute of Athens, which facilitated the circulation of scientific content within the Institute and to the rest of the scientific community.

Moreover, it is an integrated intervention towards strengthening the Foundation’s extroversion, both nationally and internationally, since it allows access of the scientific work that takes place inside  the Institute in a modern way, following international standards. The project’s main key point was the adoption and integration of Open Access policies available to the scientific content, thereby enhancing the effort for universal access.

Contractor of the project was Iknowhow S.A., for which our company was subcontractor.

Our company’s involvement was in e-books creation and interface design for the electronic publishing platforms and electronic magazines.