Object VR Photography

Every one of us seeks interactivity in its story telling. An immersive experience is much better than a description or even a flat photo, and the knowledge of an item is deeper when the viewer has control to the aspects he examines.

VR photography makes this possible. Object VR images allow viewers to examine a product, object or even a rare and precious artifact from any angle, without ever having to touch it themselves. Also, they allow the user to zoom in, to examine details or jump in via hot links to other perspectives. Certainly these experiences are not identical to being there first hand, but they can provide an experience much closer than traditional photography or other media allow.

Realiscape Typorama can provide a mass object VR digitization solution through a dedicated photographic studio that features an automatic high precision 360-degree photographic table that can produce as many as 120 pictures per rotation to resolution up to 36 Mpixels per shot, summing to an outstanding 4.32 Gigapixel object representation! Of course such information is useless in everyday life, but it can be useful for long-term archival and also it can easily produce lower resolution files for Internet or every other use.