i2s Copibook Book Scanner

The i2s Copibook is one of the most important high image quality book scanners. It can digitize sensitive, bound (books, newspapers, magazines) or loose documents. Its unique feature is the total absence of luminaries, ensuring digitization free from ultraviolet radiation, which make i2s copibook perfectly safe for prototypes. This feature is especially important for projects; it ensures the collaboration between people who possess any form of original material as it is not endangered by ultraviolet radiation or mechanical wear.

It consists of one 3x35 Megapixels ultra high resolution camera, that is capable to produce colored output of 300 dpi regardless of the size of prototype. The camera has auto focus and can digitize with color depth of 12 bit/channel.

The size of the prototype it can scan is A2+, rendering it capable to display spreads for almost every book. Its digitization speed is high: for an A2 surface per 6sec for 300dpi resolution in color, or 2.5 sec for black and white.

It contains an onboard electric driven cradle that is capable to withstand weight of 6 kg and publications with spine height up to 10 cm.

Its glass is electric driven, with automated pressure adjustment for better protection of the prototypes. The operation is fully automated; operator needs only to turn page and preview in the embedded color monitor.

It is autonomous and the digitization files can be stored locally or be sent through the network to other computers for further process.