Kirtas APT 2400 Robotic Book Scanner

Kirtas APT 2400 provides the highest quality image capture system. It can scan books up to a maximum size of 354 x 278 mm and a minimum size of 177 x 113 mm. The book is supported in a V-shaped cradle angled at 45 degrees, which holds the open book and keeps pages in focus. A page-flattening clamping system holds the open pages in place under a florescent lighting system, as two 21.1 Mpixel cameras capture the page images. They photograph each right- and left-hand page. Resolution can be set to 300 or 400 pixels per inch, with the potential to interpolate to as high as 600 dpi. The Kirtas APT BookScan 2400 can scan books with high speed up to 2400 pages per hour.

The Kirtas Page Edge Sensor is there to prevent the page-turning arm from picking up multiple pages. A mechanized page-turning arm uses a vacuum head to lightly grip the pages, which are gently separated by a fluffer arm that blows air at the page edges to separate them. In the rare instance when a page is missed, or multiple pages are lifted, the Page Edge Sensor detects the misfeed and automatically takes corrective action.

Kirtas is the only solution that integrates metadata into the production process to ensure seamless workflow and inventory control. Simply scan the book’s bar code, and the APT Manager searches the selected library database for any metadata available— including MARC records, DublinCore, MODS, and other formats— and saves it in the Metadata folder for that particular book for easy access throughout the production process and beyond.

Services using this equipment
Books and Bound Material Scanning